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uPVC Patio Doors Edinburgh


Offering sleek minimalist design, lots of natural light and truly superb engineering, our bespoke designed patio doors are the perfect addition to your contemporary Edinburgh home. Offering all the thermal benefits of modern energy efficient double glazing and combined with the latest in door security technology, our patio doors offer stunning aesthetics, design and function in abundance.

Our patio doors are fabricated using our industry leading Kommerling profile, meaning a brilliant range of colours, with over 60 to choose from. Designed specifically to fit your property in Edinburgh, our patio doors can be configured to include 2,3 or even 4 panes and will always be installed with a meticulous attention to detail by our expert installers. With additional options like designer furniture and midrails available, you can even design your patio doors to include a letterbox if required. We also offer a unique Tilt & Slide patio design, allowing a door that can be tilted for ventilation. Making a patio door to suit your property in Edinburgh has never been easier.


As the streamline design profile of patio doors means more expanses of glass, this makes patio doors extremely energy efficient. Thanks to the large format of the energy efficient double glazing used in the design of patio doors, you will naturally bring the maximum amount of light into your home, meaning more light and with it more heat. Thanks to the effective combination of energy efficient double glazing and extruded uPVC framework, the heat generated stays trapped in your home, with absolute minimal heat loss, keeping your Edinburgh home warm in the winter, but equally cool in the Summer. This winning combination makes our patio doors a fantastic investment and also means savings to be had on your energy bills.

uPVC Patio Doors Edinburgh


It’s a common misconception that installing doors comprised mostly of glass could be a security risk. Thanks to the incredible strength of our modern, impact resistant double glazing this is far from the truth, with our patio doors easily matching the strength found in standard solid doors. Combined with the inherent strength found in our extruded uPVC frames and bolstered by our industry leading fabrication processes, you will be amazed at the true strength of security provided by Bryant and Cairns patio doors.

In addition, the highest levels of security are achieved thanks to our state of the art multi point locking systems, tried and tested above industry standards. The inclusion of our built-in ‘anti-jacking’ system also ensures that the door cannot be lifted off from the outside. All this plus our own 10 year product and security guarantee equates to a patio door that will easily give your Edinburgh home the sort of security you would expect from even the sturdiest of entrance doors.

uPVC Patio Doors Edinburgh


For that extra piece of mind, Bryant and Cairns offer our own 10 year product and security guarantee on all of our double glazed products, including our patio doors. We are confident that each and every product we supply to our Edinburgh customers is fabricated to exceed industry standards and will provide your home with many years of service, with almost no maintenance required. Our guarantee is a result of that confidence and that extra peace of mind that in the rare event your new patio doors do need attention, our expert engineers will be on hand to help in no time. Bryant and Cairns are proud to supply products that are designed and fabricated using only the industry leading materials and state of the art fabrication processes to ensure a happy customer for many years to come.

uPVC Patio Doors Edinburgh


As one of Edinburgh’s premier suppliers and installers of double-glazing products, we strive to maintain our high standards across all aspects of our business. With over 20 years of installs, equating to thousands of happy customers across Edinburgh, we continue to finesse our customer service and installation procedures to ensure a quote to final installation service that is second to none. With dedicated Architects, Surveyors, Product Specialists and Installers all under one roof, we require no stand-alone trades, making for a fast, efficient and cost effective process from start to finish for all of our clients.

uPVC Patio Doors Edinburgh


If you wish to find out more about our patio doors or indeed, any of our fantastic double glazing products available in Edinburgh, why not call us on 0131 440 2855 where you will be able to speak with one of our Product Specialists directly. With a collective knowledge adding up to almost 125 years in the industry, our dedicated team are experts in their field and happy to assist you in any way they can. With our free no obligations quote service, you will be able to cost your new home improvement project hassle free.

We also provide an online quote service where you can simply provide us with your details and we can return a quote instantly, or if you prefer a more human approach, why not visit our stunning conservatory village and show site and speak with one of our experts in person.

uPVC Patio Door Colours

uPVC Patio Door Colours

Colour choice is important when considering replacing your windows, doors or conservatory extension products for your Edinburgh or Lothians property. Outdated or poorly chosen windows and doors can easily detract from even the most grand of Edinburgh homes, often spoiling the look and feel. These days, it's not just about picking the right style of window, door or conservatory extension. uPVC products are now readily available in a wide palette of colour finishes, ranging from the more traditional wood styles of Rosewood and Oak, right through to more contemporary colours such as Anthracite Grey. The introduction of colour patio doors really can transform not only the look of a home, but the feel of any living space. With 8 colours readily stocked and over 60 colours available, let Bryant and Cairns welcome you to a world of colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are sliding glass patio doors?

As with all of our products, there are no real standard sizes and therefor no basic prices, with everything designed and built bespoke to suit your own home. The size of your uPVC patio doors will depend on where you plan to install them and the purpose. Our uPVC patio doors can be built to include 2,3 or even 4 panels. It's always important when receiving quotes from suppliers to check all of the details included, as many offering upfront costs for products will not cover every aspect, resulting in hidden costs and surprises further down the line. As we offer an initial survey as part of our service, you never have to worry about any mistakes or ill fitting or poorly installed patio doors.

Are uPVC patio doors energy efficient?

uPVC Patio Doors are a great investment when looking to improve the thermal performance of your home. Not only will they improve how you use and move in and around your home, they will also help you save money on your energy bills. The highly insulated profile and energy efficient double glazing make our uPVC patio doors highly thermally efficient, meaning that they will keep your home naturally warm in the winter months and help minimise heat loss. This means less emphasis on using your homes heating system and in turn saving you money on your energy bills and helping you minimise your carbon footprint.

What should I look for when buying a sliding patio door?

The most important things to consider when purchasing new uPVC patio doors are:

The size you require. This will determine the number of panels you require, with up to 2,3 or 4 panels available depending on the size needed. This will in turn effect the overall cost.

Ensure that the product you are intending to purchase is suited to the area you live in. Make sure your new patio doors are weather resistant to withsatnd the Edinburgh weather, supplied with impact resistant, energy efficient double glazing and have suitable locking mechanisms and an 'anti-jacking' system to ensure your home is kept safe at all times.

The finishing touches. Check that the product you are intending to purchase is available in the style and colour best suited to you and your home and that there is a good choice of decorative handles and furniture available to create that perfect finish for your new uPVC patio doors.

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Energy Efficiency

Your home is in safe hands when you choose High Performance 'A' Rated windows from Bryant & Cairns.Not only will you benefit from real savings on your fuel bills, but you will also be helping reduce the impact on the World's natural resources.

Did you know that our homes account for a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the UK and windows can account for up to 30% of the total heat lost from a house? 'A' Rated windows can have a zero energy loss over a year cycle or even add energy back into the room via solar gain.

Many window companies lay claim to having 'A' Rated Windows when in fact all they offer is Low E glass or triple glazing, so it is important to check the credentials. The only way to check if a window is genuinely  Energy Rated is to check the British Fenestration Ratings Council website BFRC If it isn't registered… it isn't Energy Rated!

  • Highly Insulated PVCu frames provide a barrier to cut heat loss.
  • Heat from radiators is reflected back into the room, keeping more warmth inside your home.
  • Even during winter, energy from the sun passes through the specialised glazing and has a warming effect on the room.

Our Guarantee

Your home is probably your pride and joy and you want to be certain that any investment you make in it, is the right choice. All our products have undergone rigourous testing to ensure optimum performance and technical excellence.

10 Year Guarantee
It goes without saying therefore that all of our products are guaranteed for a period of ten years from the date of installation. This comprehensive, fully transferable guarantee covers parts, products and workmanship and our Customer Services staff are just a phone call away should you ever need to use them. They will discuss your requirements with you and arrange for one of our experienced technicians to carry out any necessary work quickly and efficiently.

10 Year Security Guarantee
Bryant & Cairns has always been at the forefront of new window technology and it is an important part of our ongoing product development. Not only are we confident about the quality of our products, but we are confident about the levels of security provided too. So much so that in the event of any of our products failing, and an intruder succeeds in entering your home, Bryant & Cairns will replace any damaged product absolutely free of charge.


  • BS7412 PVCu Plastic Windows (CEN3269WDS)  
  • PAS23-1/PAS24-1 Door Security (KM85377)
  • BS7412/PAS24 Enhanced Window Security (CEN3269WDG)
  • Profiles extruded to BS EN12608 specs
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