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Smartglass PLUS+


Smartglass Plus is the ultimate material when considering the glazing options for your conservatory roof.

With its excellent solar control and self-cleaning properties, Smartglass helps maintain a comfortable environment so that you can use your conservatory all year round. You can also save money on window cleaning in areas that are often difficult to reach.


• Up to 72% of heat from the sun is reflected for a cooler interior in Summer months
• Subtle solar control reduces uncomfortable glare by over 50% • Lets in lots of natural light
• Permanent dual-action self cleaning coating reduces maintenance
• Self-cleaning properties makes it ideal for hard to reach areas
• Reduced impact noise of precipitation compared to polycarbonate roof panels
• Exceptional 'U' Value of 1.0W/m2.k means warmer in Winter

Smartglass Plus+ comes in a choice of 4 tints: AQUA, BLUE, NEUTRAL & BRONZE.

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All Year Round Control

All Year Round Control

Solar control by it’s very definition involves the regulation of the sun’s rays within any environment and this is fundamentally important within any conservatory or living area with a glazed roof. The solar control and subtle tint in SMARTGLASS® reflects up to 80% of the sun’s radiant heat during the summer months, dramatically reducing the unwanted build up of heat that has plagued the first generation of conservatories over the years.

Using a modern low E coating, argon gas and warm edge technology, a typical conservatory roof glazed with SMARTGLASS® is able to retain warmth in the winter months, twice as well as standard glazing and almost 50% better than traditional energy saving glass.

Make Your Space Comfortable In The Summer Sun

Make Your Space Comfortable In The Summer Sun

Whilst the conservatory is the best room in the house to enjoy the sun and light of the summer, at the same time the glare from the sun can be an issue. SMARTGLASS® is designed to dramatically reduce the glare of the sun, reflecting typically over 60% of visible light and filtering out harmful UV rays. The result is a light and airy room, enhanced in tone by one of our four subtle tints. SMARTGLASS® Plus+ offers the very best in solar control and the reduction in excessive glare from the sun’s rays.

Eliminating Condensation With Warm Edge Technology

Eliminating Condensation With Warm Edge Technology

Condensation has plagued windows for many decades now and that includes recent years in double glazing where the glass may be advanced, but the material separating the two panes in a double glazed unit is not. This is because no matter how efficient the double glazed unit may be at the centre, the metallic spacer bar at the edges acts as a bridge, allowing the cold to pass through and 80% of the energy lost through a window occurs here for this reason.

To eliminate this phenomenon, SMARTGLASS® uses ‘Warm Edge Technology’ – the use of a spacer bar that is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminium, thereby increasing internal temperatures around the edges and vastly reducing condensation. This is just another reason why SMARTGLASS® makes for truly intelligent glazing.

True Self Cleaning Properties

True Self Cleaning Properties

Using a new generation of ‘photo catalytic’ self-cleaning glass, SMARTGLASS® is able to offer the ultimate in low maintenance technology. Each one of our SMARTGLASS® units is manufactured with an invisible dual action coating to the outer face, which first acts by harnessing the ultraviolet energy in ordinary daylight to power a chemical reaction that breaks down organic dirt. Secondly, rather than forming droplets, under rainfall this technology allows for the water to ‘sheet off’ the glass, carrying the dirt away with it.

Effective Sound Reduction

Effective Sound Reduction

Not only does SMARTGLASS® offer incredible levels of solar control, but it also offers considerable sound reduction properties in comparison to polycarbonate sheeting, that was used in conservatory projects in decades gone by. As a place to relax or unwind, a modern conservatory is designed to incorporate our very latest glass developments and as a room to be enjoyed all-year round, whatever the weather or ambient noise outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

My old conservatory used to overheat terribly in the summer, will SMARTGLASS® help? Yes. Older conservatories may either have a basic plain glass roof or a polycarbonate roof, neither of these have any great effect in controlling the sun’s heating effect. A basic glass roof would only reflect about 20% of the sun’s heat, but by contrast a SMARTGLASS® roof would reflect up to 80%, meaning the room stays considerably cooler during hot weather.

I’ve heard about ‘easy clean coatings’ is that the same as self-cleaning? No. Only a true self-cleaning roof does exactly that, cleans itself. Using a specially coated glass, a chemical reaction physically breaks down and washes away dirt. A so called ‘easy clean’ roof simply does not have these properties.

In winter I’m concerned about my conservatory being cold, what type of roof should I consider? One of the key properties of a SMARTGLASS® roof is its ability to retain warmth in winter. In fact SMARTGLASS® is probably a better insulator than any other form of glazing in the home, including the latest A+ rated windows. With a super low U-value down to 1.0 W/m2K, you can be assured that heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum, keeping the conservatory warmer in winter and thereby helping to reduce the cost of heating.

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Energy Efficiency

Your home is in safe hands when you choose High Performance 'A' Rated windows from Bryant & Cairns.Not only will you benefit from real savings on your fuel bills, but you will also be helping reduce the impact on the World's natural resources.

Did you know that our homes account for a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the UK and windows can account for up to 30% of the total heat lost from a house? 'A' Rated windows can have a zero energy loss over a year cycle or even add energy back into the room via solar gain.

Many window companies lay claim to having 'A' Rated Windows when in fact all they offer is Low E glass or triple glazing, so it is important to check the credentials. The only way to check if a window is genuinely Energy Rated is to check the British Fenestration Ratings Council website BFRC If it isn't registered… it isn't Energy Rated!

  • Highly Insulated PVCu frames provide a barrier to cut heat loss.
  • Heat from radiators is reflected back into the room, keeping more warmth inside your home.
  • Even during winter, energy from the sun passes through the specialised glazing and has a warming effect on the room.

Our Guarantee

Your home is probably your pride and joy and you want to be certain that any investment you make in it, is the right choice. All our products have undergone rigourous testing to ensure optimum performance and technical excellence.

10 Year Guarantee
It goes without saying therefore that all of our products are guaranteed for a period of ten years from the date of installation. This comprehensive, fully transferable guarantee covers parts, products and workmanship and our Customer Services staff are just a phone call away should you ever need to use them. They will discuss your requirements with you and arrange for one of our experienced technicians to carry out any necessary work quickly and efficiently.

10 Year Security Guarantee
Bryant & Cairns has always been at the forefront of new window technology and it is an important part of ongoing product development. Not only are we confident about the quality of our products, but we are confident about the levels of security provided too. So much so that in the event of any of our products failing, and an intruder succeeds in entering your home, Bryant & Cairns will replace any damaged product absolutely free of charge.


BS7412 PVCu Windows and Doors (CMS3269WDS)
BS8529/PAS24 Composite Door Security (KM597995)
BS7412/PAS24 Enhanced PVCu Window and Door Security (CMS3269WDG)
Profiles extruded to BS EN12608 specs

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