Reversible Windows

Easy clean, effortless style
Reversible windows


Our Fully Reversible Window is ideal for restricted access locations, where cleaning and fire escape facilities are paramount.

Intelligent design means that when the windows are being rotated, it protrudes entirely to the outside allowing interior decorations such as blinds, ornaments and curtains to remain unaffected. Operation of the window is simple, with the turn of the handle and a gentle push, the window glides smoothly on its special hinges, rotating through 180 degrees into the reverse position making cleaning simple. Of course the window has built in, lockable safety catches to eliminate the possibility of young children operating the window.

As with all of our windows styles, each comes fully fitted with the latest in designer furniture and can be adorned with a range of decorative details and glass types.


At A Glance

• 'A' Energy Rated windows as standard to help reduce heat loss and reduce noise pollution in your Edinburgh home.

• The Reversible windows intelligent design means they are easy to clean, both inside and out. Thanks to the unique hinging of the Reversible window, both panes can be cleaned from inside your home, meaning it's easy to clean both up and downstairs, hassle free.

• Unparalleled security with advanced multi point locking systems.

• The advanced hinge mechanism allows even the biggest of Reversible windows to be easily rotated 180 degrees, with a fluid action that opens outward, meaning no concern of hitting curtains or ornaments.

• Lockable safety latches meaning children will not be able to open the window. 

• Reversible windows can be composed in a variety of frame styles, to ensure a perfect fit with your Edinburgh home.

 • Reversible windows are designed to suite both modern homes and renovation of  traditional builds.

• Designer handles in a range of colours.

Window Colours

Window Colours

Colour choice is important when considering replacing your windows, doors or conservatory extension products for your Edinburgh or Lothians property. Outdated or poorly chosen windows and doors can easily detract from even the most grand of Edinburgh homes, often spoiling the look and feel. These days, it's not just about picking the right style of window, door or conservatory extension. PVCu products are now readily available in a wide palette of colour finishes, ranging from the more traditional wood styles of Rosewood and Oak, right through to more contemporary colours such as Anthracite Grey. The introduction of colour windows really can transform not only the look of a home, but the feel of any living space. With 8 colours readily stocked and over 60 colours available, let Bryant and Cairns welcome you to a world of colour. 

Security Built In

Our Reversible windows are a perfect compliment to any home, incorporating unique gearing to allow easy cleaning and 180 rotation of the window sash. Designed to allow this full opening, Bryant and Cairns Reversible windows are built to the optimum criteria, with multi point locking systems fitted as standard, giving you the highest standard of both function and security. All Reversible windows are backed by our 10 year Product and Security Guarantee and built using industry leading Kommerling Profile and the highest performance components.

Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

Each Reversible window is designed and built to your specification and to suit the look of your Edinburgh home. This means you can finesse the design of your Reversible window down to the smallest detail and include additional flourishes such as traditional lead, Georgian bar and expertly crafted decorative glass designs. We also offer a wide range of handles in different colours and internal cill and surround options to ensure that perfect finish inside and out.

• Traditional Lead and Georgian Bar

• Decorative Glass Designs

• Contemporary Handle Design and colour options

•  Internal Cill and Surround Options

• Over 60 colours of profile available

Textured Glass Options

With all double glazing designed to ensure our products maintain an 'A' rating as standard, we also offer a number of patterned glass options for those that need to consider an additional level of privacy. With a choice of 20 designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary patterns, there is a style and privacy level to suit everyones needs.

Privacy Levels

Our range of patterned glass options offer a scale of 5 privacy levels to ensure you can achieve the desired result to suit your home and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are an ideal, energy efficient choice with the added benefit of reducing unwanted noise. The sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps your Edinburgh home at a more comfortable temperature all year round. By upgrading your windows to double glazing, you will also notice a positive effect on your heating bills and a reduced cost.

Are PVCu windows Eco Friendly?

Millions of old PVCu windows are replaced because they don’t reflect modern energy efficiency standards. At KÖMMERLING, windows and PVCu production waste are recycled by processing the PVCu into high-quality pellets which is used as input material for our KÖMMERLING profiles. To optimise the appearance of the new products and to ensure the highest quality surface finish, KÖMMERLING combine the recycled pellets with fresh material. The difference KÖMMERLING achieve through using recycled material rather than conventional PVCU in their profiles is a 90% reduction in their greenhouse gas emissions.

Do Bryant and Cairns deal with every part of the job?

Yes. Bryant and Cairns employ all of our own teams of Architects, surveyors, installation managers, joiners, builders, plumbers, electricians, tilers and roofers. Bryant and Cairns Windows & Conservatories have been responsible for literally thousands of windows and conservatory extension installations, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be working with a highly professional team who are able to give your home the look it deserves from initial quote to final installation.

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