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Now the classic sash and case design can be replicated in PVCu, with enhanced insulating properties and no need for constant tender loving care.

With traditional styling and superior weather performance, the Bryant and Cairns Windows & Conservatories vertical sliding sash window is ideally suited for properties where it is important to retain the character and style of the building.

This attention to details means it is eminently suitable for many conservation areas. It is also ideal for new homes with a period style. Whereas replacement windows in older properties can often look bulky and out of place, the Sash window incorporates many of the original style features of traditional timber sash and case windows, including decorative horns a crescent lock and fitch catch ironmongery in a range of colours. The modern, cutting edge design contains pre-tensioned spiral balances, which don’t require ropes or weights and means that the sash slides smoothly and easily every time. Additionally, the sashes tilt inwards and balance on special restrictor stays to allow for easy cleaning.


At A Glance

• All Bryant and Cairns Sliding Sash windows come 'A' Energy Rated as standard and will help reduce heat loss and reduce noise pollution in your Edinburgh home.

• Distinctive design for a beautifully styled window. Incorporating the best features of traditional timber sash windows with all the benefits of cutting edge PVCu fabrication, this style is best suited to traditional builds where maintaining the original character is paramount.

• Choice of hardware in a range of colours.

• Sliding Sash windows are easy to clean. The sashes tilt inwards to the room, meaning clear access to the outer panes for cleaning.

• Decorative Horns further enhance the traditional feel of these spectacular window types.

Security Built In

At Bryant and Cairns, security is paramount. That is why we strive to incorporate the highest degree of security through all of our products, ensuring we give you not only the highest quality of product, but also security and peace of mind as well. Although based on a timeless classic, the gearing and locking mechanisms of the Bryant and Cairns Sliding Sash incorporate only the most up to date materials, ensuring a beautifully crafted and ultimately secure product. With all Sliding Sash windows backed by our 10 year Product and Security Guarantee, you can be confident that Bryant and Cairns Sliding Sash window is a classic that will keep your home safe.

Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

Each Sliding Sash window is designed and built to your specification and to suit the look of your Edinburgh home. This means you can finesse the design of your Sliding Sash window down to the smallest detail and include additional flourishes such as traditional lead, Georgian bar and expertly crafted decorative glass designs. We also offer a wide range of hardware in different colours and internal cill and surround options to ensure that perfect finish inside and out.

• Traditional Lead and Georgian Bar

• Decorative Glass Designs

• Hardware Design and colour options

• Internal Cill and Surround Options

Textured Glass Options

For those that require certain windows to provide an additional level of privacy, we offer a stunning range of textured glass options. With a choice of 20 designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary patterns, there is a style and privacy level to suit everyones needs.

Privacy Levels

Our range of patterned glass options offer a scale of 5 privacy levels to ensure you can achieve the desired result to suit your home and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it take to get my new windows from Bryant and Cairns?

Ordering windows with Bryant and Cairns couldn't be easier. As we coordinate everything in-house with our expert team of Architects, Surveyors and Installers, your windows could be quoted for, surveyed, fabricated and installed in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Our dedicated advisors can talk you through all the technical requirements and will direct you and ensure you are kept well informed every step of the way.

What added security measures do Bryant and Cairns products have in place?

Security comes as a priority with Bryant and Cairns. We ensure all of our products come fitted with only the best performing locking and security mechanisms available on the market and that accounts for all products across our window and door ranges.

For added peace of mind, we also provide a fully transferrable 10 year Security and Product Guarantee with all of our products. Not only are we confident about the quality of our products, we are confident about the levels of security provided too. So much so, that in the event of any of our products failing and an intruder succeeds in entering your home, Bryant and Cairns will replace any damaged product absolutely free of charge.

What Energy rating are Bryant and Cairns double glazed Sliding Sash windows?

All Bryant and Cairns window products are 'A' Rated. Many window companies lay claim to having 'A' Rated casement windows when in fact all they offer is Low E glass or triple glazing, so it is important to check the credentials. The only way to check if a window is genuinely Energy Rated is to check the British Fenestration Council website. If it isn't registered, it isn't Energy Rated.

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