Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn with
ingenious design


This ingenious design provides an excellent solution where cleaning the outside pane of your window is required from within the room. It is also suitable as a means of escape in the event of a fire, and so it is ideal in upstairs locations.

Specifically engineered, the advanced gearing with up to twelve locking points around the perimeter of the window ensures highly effective security and superb weather performance. The hinge and locking system enables the window to operate in two modes....A simple 90 degree rotation of the single handle tilts the window into the ventilation position....a further 90 degree rotation allows the window to turn in for easy cleaning. For added safety, a special restrictor is fitted to eliminate the risk of the window being fully opened accidentally. Tilt & Turn windows are at home in both traditional and modern properties alike. With the facility to add a false transom bar to recreate the style of a traditional Sash & Case window, they provide a sympathetic solution to flatted dwellings in many conservation areas.


At A Glance

• 'A' Energy Rated windows as standard to help reduce heat loss and reduce noise pollution in your Edinburgh home. Our thermally efficient windows will also help you save on your heating bills.

• Tilt & Turn windows are brilliantly versatile and can be composed in a variety of frame styles and colours to help suit your Edinburgh home.

• Low maintenance required thanks to market leading Kommerling profile and high performance materials and furniture. Our market leading products will not bow or warp and come backed by our Ten Year Product and Security Guarantee.

• Tilt & Turn windows are fantastically easy to clean. Thanks to the turn opening function, both sides of the window can be accessed from inside, meaning no awkward stretches to reach those difficult spots.

• Designer handles in a range of colours.

• Up to 12 locking points ensuring an unrivalled level of window security.

Window Colours

Window Colours

Colour choice is important when considering replacing your windows, doors or conservatory extension products for your Edinburgh or Lothians property. Outdated or poorly chosen windows and doors can easily detract from even the most grand of Edinburgh homes, often spoiling the look and feel. These days, it's not just about picking the right style of window, door or conservatory extension. PVCu products are now readily available in a wide palette of colour finishes, ranging from the more traditional wood styles of Rosewood and Oak, right through to more contemporary colours such as Anthracite Grey. The introduction of colour windows really can transform not only the look of a home, but the feel of any living space. With 8 colours readily stocked and over 60 colours available, let Bryant and Cairns welcome you to a world of colour.

Security Built In

Our Tilt & Turn windows are a fantastic option when considering windows for your Edinburgh or Lothians Home. Designed and manufactured to ensure the highest degree of security, with up to 12 locking points depending on the side of your Tilt & Turn window, providing unbridled security, without effecting the elegance and design. Thanks to the Tilt & Turn functions, this window is also an excellent option when considering fire safety and can be used as a fire escape in the event of fire. With all Tilt & Turn windows backed by our 10 year Product and Security Guarantee and built using industry leading Kommerling Profile and the highest performance components, our Tilt & Turn windows are the perfect fit for your home.

Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

Each Tilt & Turn window is designed and built to your specification and to suit the look of your Edinburgh home. This means you can finesse the design of your Tilt & Turn window down to the smallest detail and include additional flourishes such as traditional lead, Georgian bar and expertly crafted decorative glass designs. We also offer a wide range of handles in different colours and internal cill and surround options to ensure that perfect finish inside and out.

• Traditional Lead and Georgian Bar

• Decorative Glass Designs

• Contemporary Handle Design and colour options

• Internal Cill and Surround Options

• Over 60 colours of profile available

Textured Glass Options

For those that require certain windows to provide an additional level of privacy, we offer a stunning range of textured glass options. With a choice of 20 designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary patterns, there is a style and privacy level to suit everyones needs.

Privacy Levels

Our range of patterned glass options offer a scale of 5 privacy levels to ensure you can achieve the desired result to suit your home and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do new double glazed windows cost?

Every home is different and therefor we don't offer an upfront 'quick quote' for your double glazing. At Bryant and Cairns we pride ourselves on taking everything into consideration and ensuring there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises for you later down the line, which can often be the case with many online automated quote systems. The cost of your windows will depend on the number of windows you need, dimensions of the windows and any additional, decorative extras you may want to include, be it decorative glass, colours or unique hardware. Our Sales Advisors and Design Team are always on hand to ensure everything can be correctly detailed and costed and will provide you with a quote once they are happy all details are correct.

What do the window energy ratings mean?

When buying new double glazed windows, one of the most important things to look out for is the Windows Energy Rating (WER). They work in a similar way to the energy ratings on electrical goods.

The ratings go from A (very efficient) to G (incredibly inefficient). To comply with Scottish Building Regulations, all windows have to be at least C - Rated.

The Windows Energy Rating is calculated using various values:

• Thermal Transmittance (U Value)

• Solar Factor (G Value)

• Air Leakage (L Value)

We pride ourselves on only providing the best products, with an official WER 'A' Rating on all of our window products.

Do you make windows to order?

Yes we do. All of our windows are bespoke and to your specific requirements. Bryant and Cairns can provide the perfect choice of window style, colour and finish, ensuring they compliment your Edinburgh home perfectly.

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