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22nd June 2018

The Front Door is often the first thing people see when they visit and also the first place someone might try in the unfortunate event of attempting a break in. So why is it often forgotten about when it comes to Home Improvements in Edinburgh and the Lothians? 

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As far as first impressions go, you really can’t be too careful when it comes to the front entrance of a house. Fresh potted plants, adequate natural lighting – these are all important, but how many of us ignore the single biggest element that are, quite literally, staring us in the face? We are of course, talking about the front door, and not many people are aware that a neat and stylish front door is a crucial factor.

So what are the main factors you should be thinking about when purchasing a new front door?

Choosing a front door largely comes down to pairing it with the style of your house or building. For instance, if your house is a Victorian Semi-detached in East Lothian or West Lothian, in most (but not all) cases a traditional style will suit your house best.

Here we outline the main elements we think are important to consider when purchasing that perfect front door for your home and the guidelines by which all of our Magnum Composite Doors achieve and follow:

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For more information on our Magnum Door range, why not visit our main site here

You can also design your very own Composite Door with our fantastic online Door Designer programme here


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Though we talk about door styles and trends, the main focus when purchasing a Front door or Composite door, is safety. Here at Bryant and Cairns we are always looking for the best resolutions and highest standards of product. With the NEW Ultion Lock system now fitted as standard to all of our Composite doors, you will sleep well knowing you have the best locking system available and ultimate means of stopping any intruder getting into your home.

The shocking statistics show that it would take an intruder no longer than 9 seconds to break through your standard front door lock. With its patented Lock-Down mode, the Ultion Lock offers unrivalled levels of security to keep your home and your family safe.

Any attempt to tamper with the Ultion Lock triggers it’s unique patented core to trigger and engage in ‘lock down’ meaning that the lock cannot be broken or removed and stops the intruder from getting through your door.

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In addition to this, all Ultion Locks come with coded keys that cannot be copied. Each key is electronically tagged with your unique user name and password and can also be tracked using your smartphone in the event it is stolen or lost.

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To find out more about the Ultion Locking system, why not visit our You Tube channel and view the information video here

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