SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey

10th August 2018

You don't have to move house to move with the times.

When thinking of updating our homes in Edinburgh and the Lothians, windows, doors and conservatories can often be forgotten about in the mix. Outdated or poorly fitted UPVC windows and doors can easily detract from even the most grand of homes, often spoiling the look and feel of what is in essence, the first point of contact for anyone visiting and where most will take their first impression of a property.

These days, it's not just about picking the right style of window, door or conservatory. UPVC products are now readily available in a wide palette of colour finishes, ranging from the more traditional wood styles of Rosewood and Oak, right through to more contemporary colours such as Anthracite Grey.

The introduction of colour really can transform the look and feel of any building and the use of a colour like Anthracite Grey can pull a tired looking property into 2021.

Below, we outline a few examples of where Anthracite Grey products haver been introduced to homes to bring a truly modern feel.


Already contemporary in it's design and styling, Bi-Fold doors give a real feel of modern living to any space. As homes move ever closer to incorporating open plan spaces throughout, Bi-Fold doors help open up spaces, both internally and to the outdoors. Selecting Anthracite Grey as a colour option on only further adds to the modern feel of this already stylish product.


Incorporating a colour like Anthracite Grey with the more traditional conservatory styles of say a Victorian or Edwardian gives you the best of both worlds; maintaining the grandeur of the classic stylings but with a sleek and modern feel of a more contemporary build. The neutrality of the colour also allows greater scope when decorating the space, everything goes with grey!

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey


Modern in both material, styling and colour, a Contemporary Orangery is the ultimate in state-of-the-art design for living. With super insulated columns colour matched to the roof and window profiles, it's sleek, minimal and stunning to look at. Introducing full length Bi-Fold Doors creates a space that can quite literally, open your home up to the garden.

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey


French Doors are another classic design that fit perfectly in a more traditional environment, but with a simple change to Anthracite Grey, transform to suit any modern space. With choices in handle colour and finish and the option to integrate decorative glass designs, you can fine tune the style to fit your own taste.

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey


You will find our PRESTIGE colour range can be incorporated into almost all of our window styles, be it casement, tilt and turn or reversible. Remember that if you only want a colour to the outside, thats OK! All of our colour foil options come with the option to keep a white internal finish.

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey


At the forefront in modern style and colours, our Magnum Composite Door range gives you incredible choice alongside the knowledge you are in safe hands with the NEW ULTION Locking System. Often the first thing guests will see, it's worth having one with a real wow factor.

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey


It's good to remember that there is always a colour to suit your own taste and needs. Our PRESTIGE colour range covers many of our products, so it's important that when discussing product options with any advisor, that you ask about colour, it really can change the look and feel of your home!

SAVING FOR A GREY DAY: The rise of Anthracite Grey