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The Conservatory has EVOLVED!

May 2021

The simple conservatory has changed. It's evolved from that simple glass box at the rear of your Edinburgh house into a seamless extension of the home, a perfect space to be used throughout the year! 

It’s true that many older conservatory products are prone to be too cold in the Edinburgh winter and too warm in the summer. Thankfully, recent technical advancements mean there are quick and effective options that can be carried out with the minimum disruption to your home.

Thanks to advances in technology and because we build prefabricated components off site, Bryant and Cairns can design, build and install complete Conservatory Extensions up to 6 x faster than those that require external architects, builders and other stand alone trades. As we can complete in a fraction of the time, this can often lead to substantial savings for the client too.

Why not read our EXPANDED ARTICLE HERE, for a more in depth look at the options available to you when considering a new conservatory, orangery, solid roof extension or planning to update your existing space

or visit our website here to find out more about the options available to you.

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