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What is Energy Efficient Glazing?

May 2021

When looking to replace your windows with PVCu Double Glazing, it is important to know what rating the supplier’s windows are graded, as this lets you know how much acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency you will obtain from the new windows. The grading is set out by the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) and is graded alphabetically G is the lowest rating and A is the highest.

Your home is in safe hands when you choose High Performance ‘A’ Rated windows from Bryant & Cairns. Not only will you benefit from real savings on your fuel bills, but you will also be helping reduce the impact on the World’s natural resources.

In this short video, we try and cut through all the terminologies and long winded explanations to the core details you should be looking for when buying new double glazing. 

Why not read our EXPANDED ARTICLE HERE, for a more in depth look at double glazing. 

or visit our website here to find out more about the options available to you.

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