3D Design Service

Why imagine, when you can see for yourself? Our 3D design service helps you visualise how your new conservatory or extension might look in the context of your own home.

Whether it's a new conservatory, sunroom, orangery, solid or hybrid roof extension, our 3D design service can show you how your design will look in the context of your own home. So if you are struggling to visualise how your new project might look, we can now provide you with a service that will show you, both inside and out. Not only will this service help you finesse the design of your new extension and ensure the style fits perfectly with your home, it may also give you a sense of how you might effectively use and decorate the space. Your bespoke design portfolio will provide you with a range of angles and perspectives, giving you a clear overview of the whole design. The 3D renders will also give you a sense of how light might move in and around your new space during the day.


Simple Service

The process is simple. We can provide you with detailed 3D designs using just a few photographs and measurements. From initial discussions with your Product Specialist, we can determine the right kind of build for you and from there, create your unique design portfolio, showing your proposed space in highly rendered 3D.

Take A Look For Yourself..

How It Works
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See Your New Extension Come To Life

We know embarking on a big project like a new conservatory or extension can be a daunting experience, with many things to consider. For a few, trying to picture your new extension through architect & CAD drawings can be difficult, so that's why we have introduced our new 3D service. Our stunning 3D rendered visuals will show you how your new extension will look in context with your own home, settling any concerns as to how it might look when complete. Internal views also allow you to see how it might function as a working space when furnished.