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The Lean-to is the simplest style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make them a popular conservatory for modern houses. 

This conservatory style will be ideal for you if you prefer the simple, understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom.Whether your lean-to conservatory is traditional or contemporary, the style is perfect for properties that have restricted space under the eaves, like a bungalow, or have an area that's too awkward to accommodate a conservatory. This is because the pitch of the roof on lean-to conservatories can vary – so a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house. Lean-to conservatories can also be called sun-lounges or garden rooms, and they bring a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home, trapping the winter sunlight and converting it into heat through the glass. The simple shape of the lean-to conservatory gives you the maximum space in a highly economical style. This style of conservatory is perfect for incorporating full width Patio or Bi-fold doors across the front so that you can open it up for complete uninterrupted access to your garden.

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