LivinRoof Extension

Create a warm, bright living space, extensions with real style.

Ideal for a contemporary extension with wide bi-fold doors the Livinroof Extension incorporates the most versatile conservatory roof product on the market, with the ability to be built in almost any shape or size with endless design options.

Where our WARMroof offers the look of a unique single story extension with it's tiled roof, the LivinRoof is designed to encapsulate the sleek external look of a contemporary conservatory with it's streamlined design and stunning grey panels. Where both offer incredible thermal efficiency and the stunning option to include glass panels in the roof construction, the LivinRoof has the capacity to take it a step further and integrate special shaped glass into it's solid roof design, creating a more unique, 'hybrid' internal ceiling.

Introducing the internal pelmet to the conservatory extension allows you to include subtle downlighting and further increase the designs thermal efficiency.

So not only does the LivinRoof offer you one of the most truly distinctive design options, with it's capacity to integrate shaped glass into it's roof design, it also offers unparalleled thermal control, making it a space that stays cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. A perfect addition to any home.

A LivinRoof Hybrid roof can be incorporated into a traditional conservatory style with panoramic glazing or to brick walls and piers to create a true home extension.

Features & Benefits
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At A Glance

• All Hybrid Roof Extensions are bespoke and built to your exact specifications. Our in-house team manage every aspect, from initial design, survey & local authority permissions, through to installation, including flooring, electrics, plastering and ventilation.

• The LivinRoof is the first roof system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly.

• The LivinRoof is a contemporary grey panelled roof, perfectly complimented by anthracite grey bi-fold doors or sliding doors.

• The LivinRoof has a fully flexible design that allows you to specify the shape and placement of the unique roof glass panels.

• Our Hybrid Roof Extensions can be built to almost any shape or size, with a huge range of window & door configurations and external finishes to select from.

• The internal plastered vaulted ceiling is perfect for adding spotlights or pendant lighting. Integrate shaped glazing for a truly unique, stunning internal finish.

• The LivinRoof is structurally designed to your postcode using data retrieved from NASA satellites.

• The LivinRoof can also be used to replace existing conservatory roofs of ANY shape and perfect if you are looking to simply upgrade an existing conservatory.

• Thermally advanced, fully insulated roof makes the LivinRoof perfect for creating a space that can be used all year round.

Optional upgrades include

• Improve the performance of your roofline with a decorative cornice, which will hide your guttering and create a more pleasing sightline.