Refurbish your conservatory

Conservatory repairs & refurbishment

If your conservatory is starting to look dated or weather beaten then a Conservatory Refurbishment could be just the answer.

If you're thinking about replacing your existing conservatory, it might not be the case you need to start from scratch. Thanks to advancements in technology and with our long standing experience in the area of refurbishments, we can help determine the perfect option for you and your Edinburgh or Lothians home. Choose to upgrade your existing conservatory roof with our Performance Glass Roof or completely transform your space into a seamless extension with our stunning solid or hybrid WARMroof or LivinRoof Hybrid roof options. Our team of in-house designers, architects and installers can help you every step of the way and create a package that suits your budget.

Our refurbishment options are a more cost effective way of bringing your space back to life and turning that old conservatory into a modern, thermally efficient space that can be used all year round.

Better still, we wont ask you to pay a single penny until the installation is fully complete.

Why Do they Fail?

Why Do they Fail?

If your conservatory is quite old and more than likely made from timber or polycarbonate, you'll probably notice it no longer looks or performs like it once did. First generation conservatories were revolutionary for their time, but after a number of years, many will look tired and fail. Once they fail, they can cause considerable damage to the conservatory or even your home. Modern conservatories have come a long way since then and our expertise and product range can easily solve these problems and help create a beautiful and long lasting living space you can enjoy all year round.

Do you recognise any of these problems?
  • · Storm Damage
  • · Slipped polycarbonate causing leaks
  • · Discoloured cappings
  • · Tired roof
  • · Poorly installed products
  • · Rotting timber
Your Options

Your Options

Roof Only

There are a few options we recommend when replacing your roof.

High Performance Glass Roof - Our specialist glass roof with self cleaning glass.

WARMroof solid roof - Our award winning WARMroof solid roof system, which is a highly insulated tiled roof.

LivinRoof Hybrid - Our hybrid LivinRoof system, which incorporate full length glazed panels into a unique solid roof design.

NEW We also offer a WARMroof Hybrid option, which incorporates full length glazing in to the solid tiled roof for a truly contemporary look. All options ensure a space you can use all year round.

Roof, Windows & Doors

This option means you can retain the existing base, but allows you to replace the roof, windows and doors to improve the look, style, security and energy efficiency. It also allows you the option to update the colour of your uPVC windows and include modern doors, such as Bi-Fold doors.

Full Replacement

A full replacement gives you the freedom to completely change the style and design of your space, whilst integrating the very latest technological advancements to ensure a modern, efficient space to suit your home.

Glass Roof Options

Glass Roof Options

If you want to retain the light and airy feel of a conservatory, then a Performance Glass Roof is for you. With stunning thermal performance and self cleaning options, our Performance Glass Roof will help create a space that stays warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

All of our Performance Glass Roofs are specified with our market leading glazing that is toughened, double glazed and industry leading thermal performance as standard.

With options for tinted glass to reduce glare, solar controlled and warm edge technology to improve thermal performance, a glass roof will give you the best quality of light, whilst also improving the life span of your conservatory and will also help you save on your heating bills.

Solid Roof Options

Solid Roof Options


Choosing the award winning WARMroof option combines the light and airy feel of a traditional conservatory with the solid feel, tiled roof and energy efficiency of a solid extension. The tiled roof will be ore energy efficient and also provide greater sound proofing than a traditional conservatory roof. Adding a tiled roof will also allow the conservatory to blend seamlessly with your home.

If you're concerned about losing too much natural light, don't be. The WARMroof has the option to incorporate Velux roof-lights. There is also a stunning Hybrid option, which allows you to add full length glazed panels in to the roof, to create a truly modern design with breath taking effect and maximum daylight.

Our WARMroof is an award winning roof, winning Best Solid Roof System at the Conservatory & Orangery Awards in the UK.

Hybrid Roof Options

Hybrid Roof Options


This contemporary roof option utilises the construction methods and look of a traditional conservatory roof, but is fully insulated and finished with an internal plastered ceiling. The LivinRoof roofing system is constructed from insulated composite external panels and Kingspan insulation, which are strong, robust and extremely thermally efficient. The combination of solid roof panels and full length double glazing in this hybrid roof combine to stunning effect, creating a real wow factor when you enter the space.

The LivinRoof is available in a modern anthracite grey finish.

NEW - We now offer the WARMroof Hybrid, our award winning tiled solid roof with integrated full length glazed panels. See Warmroof for more details.

uPVC & Roof Colours

uPVC & Roof Colours


Make your living space your own with a range of stylish colours, from sophisticated anthracite grey, to the fresh feel of chartwell green. Choose one colour for the inside and another for the outside to complement your property and interior design. With 8 colours readily stocked and over 60 colours available, let Bryant and Cairns welcome you to a world of colour.


Our lightweight tile is the most popular choice of tile for the WARMroof. They are available in a choice of 4 colours.


TapcoSlate tiles are authentically shaped with textured surfaces and riven edges moulded from authentic slates. They come in 5 standard colours and 9 alternative colours for the WARMroof.

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