LivinRoof - Hybrid Conservatory Roof Replacement

Our LivinRoof Hybrid Conservatory Roof is the first replacement roof system of it's kind.

Designed to combine solid and glazed roofing elements seamlessly, the LivinRoof provides enhanced thermal performance, creating an energy efficient space that can be used all year round.

The LivinRoof not only provides the highest level of performance, it's unique feature to create stunning glass and solid roof combinations, means it's a true design focal point for any space.

Replacing inefficient polycarbonate roofs with a hybrid roof is a popular choice and can help reduce your energy bills . The internal plastered finish featured in the Livinroof design gives you the option to install a range of lighting, creating the perfect ambience both day and night.

This well insulated roof will allow you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living space during the colder winter months.

LivinRoof offers design flexibility and is a fully bespoke solution, allowing you to decide on the placement of glazed and solid roof elements. This flexibility in design allows you the opportunity to create a room like no other, a truly unique addition for your home. Covered by our 10 year product and security guarantee, the LivinRoof is the perfect option to invigorate any ageing conservatory and bring your old space back to life.

Features & Benefits
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At A Glance

• The LivinRoof Replacement Roof is the first roof system designed to give you the function of seamlessly combining solid and glazed roofing elements.

• The LivinRoof Replacement Roof can be used to replace existing conservatory roofs of ANY shape.

• Thermally advanced, fully insulated roof makes the LivinRoof Replacement Roof perfect for creating a space that can be used all year round.

• The LivinRoof Replacement Roof is a contemporary grey panelled roof, perfectly complimented by the addition of anthracite grey bi-fold doors or French Doors doors.

• The LivinRoof Replacement Roofs fully flexible design means you can specify the shape and placement of the glazed roof panels, creating a space unique to you.

• Add spotlights or pendant lighting to the internal plastered vaulted ceiling. Integrate shaped glazing for a truly unique, stunning internal finish.

• The LivinRoof Replacement Roof is structurally designed to your postcode using data retrieved from NASA satellites.

Optional upgrades include

• Improve the performance of your roofline with a decorative cornice, which will hide your guttering and create a more pleasing sightline.