How to add value to your home in Edinburgh, Midlothian & Fife.

25th June 2018



The decision to move house or stay put has never been harder, with people ever keen to keep an eye on the purse strings. It’s reasonable to say that a move up or down the ladder comes with risk and those that decide to stick and invest in improving their own homes could see the rewards of adding value to their property.

The estimated cost of moving house in 2018 in the UK is around £8,885.66. This figure is based on the average UK property price in 2018 and includes all the necessary fees you will need to pay for a successful move. With numbers like that, we agree that it could be proven the more sensible option to hold fast and invest in your current property in Scotland.

With 18 years of experience under our belts, we believe there are several simple yet effective solutions that can not only help you to create a functional, comfortable and beautifully contemporary property, but that also have the capacity to add value to a home if done properly.

Make a good first impression

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Research shows that possible buyers in Scotland and the rest of the UK will pay up to 25% more for a house with kerb appeal, so the entrance to the home should no longer be an afterthought, but an integral part of both the look and feel of the whole property. Where better to start than with that old front door. Replacing your old door with a new PVCu or Composite door that reflects the character of the home and – more importantly – makes that strong first impression.

Bryant and Cairns offer a beautiful and extensive range of doors, with various options to include decorative glass panes, side panels and a range of door furniture options. The Magnum Composite range allows for even greater choices in styles and colour, not to mention the high level security performance of our Ultion Locking system. Whether you want to bring that feeling of traditional elegance to your home with a wood effect finish or stand out from the crowd with a black, red or even pink contemporary style, we can find the right option for you. Retiring that old front door and replacing it with a PVCu or Composite will help give your entrance that wow factor that will grab attention as soon as people begin to walk down your path.


Expand and create more space


The need for more space is undoubtedly one of the main reasons people decide to move house for. That additional square footage really can make all the difference, whether it’s for relaxing in, growing into or for spending quality time with the family. Adding a conservatory or orangery is a great way to achieve this without the stress of moving the family to a completely new property. Adding a conservatory can raise your house’s value by as much as 15% (if it’s part of a full-blown extension), which is a great return on a relatively simple and cost-effective space-enhancing option.

A professionally-designed conservatory or orangery is guaranteed to flood any home with light, while also making it feel much more spacious. As well as adding luxury and elegance, building a conservatory or orangery is the easiest way to gain a stunning, multi-functional area that’ll suit the changing demands of family life. They also create a seamless link between indoor and outdoor space, so homeowners get even more enjoyment out of their garden.


Keep it Green

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New energy-efficient windows can only completely transform the look and feel of a home, they also add up to big savings when it comes to heating and the home. A typical home in Scotland can lose up to almost £2,800 worth of energy over a decade, with as much as 18% of the energy paid-for lost through the existing windows.

Upgrading to new energy-efficient windows bring you out on top in both instances . They give a property the wow factor, making it look bright, clean and modern, while also creating a comfortable and inviting living space and combating rising energy bills.

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