REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians

20th January 2023


REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Is your existing conservatory roof feeling a little tired and beaten by the Scottish weather? Are you thinking that a solid roof extension might suit your home needs better? You might be happy to hear that you no longer need to consider the big move to replace your entire conservatory. If you have an older conservatory and want to replace your old conservatory roof, our extensive range gives you the ability to upgrade and improve. Your tired polycarbonate or glass system could easily be upgraded to one of our award winning solid roofs, turning your old conservatory into a thermally efficient, stunning and light filled extension.


Improved thermal efficiency – A solid conservatory roof will keep your Edinburgh home warm and comfortable. This is a benefit that is most widely requested and expected when installing a solid roof. Due to the added layers of insulation and non transparent nature of the solid roof, no matter the weather outside, you can always enjoy your conservatory at a comfortable temperature. On a more technical slant, the materials used in our solid roof options all help to provide low U-values and are designed to be especially efficient at preventing heat loss.

Improved acoustics – The added insulation not only keeps the temperature more consistent, it also improves the acoustics by keeping unwanted noise out.

Good Looks – Moving to a solid roof means you have the opportunity to match in with the style of the rest of your house. From the outside, the introduction of the tiled roof means you can easily compliment the existing roof of your home. It also makes your conservatory look and feel more like a permanent fixture in your home and closer to the look and feel of a traditional extension. From the inside, it also makes a huge difference. The solid roof introduces the feel of a more traditional room, making it cosy in the winter, but still bright enough for when the Summer months roll in again.

Adds value to your home – The improved usability and aesthetic appeal of a solid roof can provide an increase the value of you home and can become an important selling point if you ever choose to move.

REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians


All of our Solid Roof options have been designed to work with existing conservatory roof systems. This is especially important if you are about to replace your existing roof and want reassurance that your new system is compatible. No matter your current build we'll be able to accommodate. This means that you'll be able to find your ideal option sooner and have that new roof in place in no time.

Whatever the size or shape of your current conservatory, one of our amazing Solid Roof options will integrate with your existing system seamlessly and upgrade the performance of your new room. You'll be able to enjoy a standard of comfort and protection that can't be found in any other conservatory roof design. Don't settle for less when you don't have to!


With the change to Solid Roofs becoming a more common occurrence, there are many reasons why you might be considering one. Maybe you have an existing conservatory or extension that’s being let down by a poorly performing glass or polycarbonate roof. On the other hand, you may be at the planning stage – in which case a conservatory roof conversion that’s also suitable for house extensions will be ideal.

REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians

WARMRoof - Award Winning Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof

The WARMroof system from Bryant and Cairns is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market, as our exhaustive testing and research has shown. It’s the first off-site constructed ‘warm roof’ of its kind in the sector that has been designed and engineered from scratch. This has ensured that it is the most innovative, desirable, aesthetically pleasing and advanced roof system available for home extensions and conservatory renovation projects.


Our WARMroof system is perfect for conservatory replacement projects as well as new build sunrooms, garden rooms and extensions, due to its innovative and flexible design.

Other insulated and tiled roof systems for the home improvement sector have not been designed using the modern and accepted best method of ‘warm roof’ construction. They have chosen the use of ‘cold roof’ construction, which our research has shown can result in the risk of condensation for six months of the year.

Built to last the WARMroof technology is robust and structurally tested. The WARMroof is fully guaranteed for 10 years with tiles carrying a 25 or 40 year warranty. All this results in a modern roofing solution that is designed and engineered to withstand the very harshest of climates.

REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians


If the thought of leaping from a fully glazed or polycarbonate roof to Solid Roof feels like too much of a transformation for you and your Edinburgh home, there's good news, you can have it all! The Bryant and Cairns LivinRoof gives you the opportunity to integrate glazed elements into your design that will still allow you the feel and certain benefits of a Solid Roof, but also allowing swathes of natural light.

REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians

LIVINROOF - Hybrid Roof For Conservatories

Livinroof is the first replacement roof system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly.

It enhances thermal performance to deliver a room that you can use all year round. It will stand as an exceptional addition to any home, both new and old. The internal element featured in the Livinroof design enables you to install a range of lighting and speaker options. This also helps to insulate your property, allowing you enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living area during the colder winter months. You could also see a reduction in your heating costs.

REPLACEMENT SOLID TILED ROOFS: Your guide to upgrading your old conservatory roof in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Our high-performance replacement conservatory roofs feature an extensive range of customisation options, which allow you to get the perfect new addition to your home. From roof shape to colour options, we will be on hand to ensure you get the right roof to suit both your property style and aesthetic.


If you want to know more about any of these products, why not call and speak with one of our specialist advisors, who would be able to talk you through the specifics of each in detail and help guide you to the right choice for you and your home.

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